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Teens set themselves on fire for latest online challenge

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Almost every week, there’s a new trend circulating on different social media platforms. Most recently, several different types of competitive challenges have dominated social media. The “Gospel Challenge,” “Grown and Sexy Challenge,” and “Wall Challenge” have been quite popular via Facebook. However, all of the challenges haven’t been about fun and games. The infamous “Pass Out Challenge,” also referred to as the “fainting game,” has led to a number of fatalities.

What is our social responsibility to this dangerous media trend? online police?




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Social Media a primary factor in depression for teenagers?

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014

We’ve all heard stories about teens who were cyber bullied to the point of suicide. And most of us have seen the idiotic “challenges” others post to youtube, riskily testing the limits of their bodies for upvotes and likes. (Here about the fire challenge? It’s self immolation. I’m not even kidding.)


But new studies have shown that, beyond these extreme measures, facebook and twitter in and of themselves can be psychologically detrimental to teens. 59% of them actually don’t feel like they “fit in” on Facebook, which is almost humorous when you realize that that’s a majority of respondents.

5,000 young women who use We Heart It (a site I’ll admit I use and love) were  surveyed, and 66 percent of them admitted to feeling bullied as a result of their online interactions.

Should teens just stay away from social media altogether if they don’t already have high self esteem? Will the teens of tomorrow be any different from us psychologically as a result of this exposure?

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Paint your nails to look like your favourite sushi roll. Latest social media trend

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Latest social trend to make the online community go GAGA for Instagram/Facebook pics of nails painted like sushi rolls don’t believe follow the link:

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What if you’re boss could read your mind?

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Having a bad day at work? Try to hide it from your boss while you can, because Dell has claimed it could release a mood-reading application as soon as 2017.

Read more:

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invasion of privacy?

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Washington County public school officials announced that, with the start of the new school year in just two weeks, they would be using new software to monitor students’ social media posts

do you agree or disagree, check out the link:


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Girl accidentally “sexts” her dad

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014

If you missed it, a story came out last month about how a young woman accidentally texted a nude picture of herself….. to her father. There was no delete button that could save her, and her dad (now realizing just what her conversations with her boyfriend entailed) reacted in quite arguably appropriate rage. A frequent tweeter, she hit the internet for help, updating her followers with every step as the drama unfolded.

But according to a scientific study, a whopping 50 percent of Americans have engaged in “sexting” in some form or fashion– be it verbal or through pictures.


Sadly, I’ve heard even worse anecdotes than that of this young woman. While she sent a naked picture to her father, some people have accidentally sent them over facebook message, only to end up actually posting them to their own facebook accounts. I can’t imagine anything that would send a reputation spiraling faster than something like this.

Have you ever heard of a similar story in your personal circle? If people want to make this risky choice, how can they best mitigate the negative possibilities?

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Health media sites not really as healthy as we thought they were

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Now days most of us turn to health media sites everyday for tips on clean food and working out.

BUT not all is as it seems according to FOX news has found there to be some issues with these sites.

For more info check out the link:

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New survey reveals why cell phone apps fail

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Key Findings

The survey brought about three key findings:

  • A large majority of QA is performed by end users: according to their research users detect nearly half (44 percent) of app defects. This finding signifies a need to improve the work of development/test teams.
  • Device compatibility is suffering: device compatibility was cited as an issue by 45 percent of respondents. The solution to this problem is relatively easy, and would address one of the main complaints found in the survey.

Testers are overloaded: mobile is moving too fast for testers to keep up — 63 percent of testers stated they were not able to cover the number of test cases or test across all the different devices and OS versions required for full coverage support. The survey suggests addressing this by implementing an automated testing platform with real device access.

To find out more follow link to

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John Oliver on Native Advertising, and Why It’s Gross

Posted by samrishe on August 6, 2014

John Oliver has a reputation for making headlines almost every week because of his controversial topics on “Last Week Tonight.” This week, Oliver brought up the current issue of native advertising. For those of you who don’t know, native advertising are advertisements integrated into news articles or a websites normal content. The problem with this is the content closely resembles a real article, and most people can’t seem to tell the difference. 

Buzzfeed is a prime example of this. They create an “article” that is sponsored by a company or brand all the time. In fact, Buzzfeed thrives on this kind of content. 

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 12.25.25 PM 

According to Oliver, “It’s not trickery. It’s sharing storytelling tools. And that’s not bullshit. It’s repurposed bovine waste.”

Definitely check out part of the episode. 

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The ultimate social media image sizing cheat sheet

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014

None of my PR-related jobs thus far have actually stated “graphic design skills” as a necessary part of the job description, but it comes with the territory whether you want it to or not! I’ve found myself doing everything from simple image editing to designing entire layouts of sponsorship packets and fact sheets.

For social media, you need to have an understanding of what image size is needed on each platform. For example, your organization might task with something as simple as making a facebook cover photo, but it won’t look right when cropped if you don’t know the dimensions it needs to begin with.

This super handy, super extensive infographic has the sizes needed for pretty much any part of any platform.
Check it out below the cut:

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