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Welcome to the AU MA Social Media Blog

Posted by aumasocialmedia on May 13, 2011

Hello and welcome, students of COMM696-NO1/2/3W! We are excited for the summer semester of the MA Weekend Cohort in Public Communication at American University. This blog will be used to post information about the Social Media class, including the syllabus, reading assignments, the blogroll, and other relevant details. Additionally, students will be required to post an average of two updates on the class blog per week. The purpose of the class blog is to provide familiarity on how to use a blog, as well as to keep the class apprised of the latest social media news. But don’t simply post news stories or links. Analyze the significance of what you’re sharing and tell us how it relates to communications and emerging technology. Postings should be generated from the required blogs as well as mainstream media. Also, be sure to comment on your fellow students’ blog posts.

Do you have something you want to share with us or with your classmates? Share it here. Aside from the required postings, feel free to share news that might be of interest or benefit to the class. The more you practice with new technology, the more comfortable you’ll become with it. So have fun and let us know if you have any questions.

And a special thanks to AU Professor Pallavi Kumar for her guidance and assistance on setting up our syllabus for this class. Her input and experience have been invaluable to us.


Jackie Titus @JTitus

Paul F. Bove @paulfbove


One Response to “Welcome to the AU MA Social Media Blog”

  1. I wonder why the people in Syria, Libya, yemen and Bahrain are still being Suppressed brutly by the ruling regimes, and their uprisings faild to achieve their purpose like what happend in Egypt and Tunisia?
    Is the sound of weapons in Syria and other countires is higher than the sound of social media there?
    Has the socail media failed to carry people’s messages and connect them with each other to demonstrate? Or the problem with the people who are unable to employ the social media optimally for their benefits?

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