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Is the Mommy and Daddy Partnership More Equal Than We Think?…

Posted by doreenhodge on May 21, 2011

As a youngster I used to wish I was a latch-key kid but now greatly appreciate that my mom worked in the home.  She was on most of my class trips, was home every day when I got off the school bus, and was always available to carry my friends and I to whatever activity we had going on that week.   She sat and did homework with me and pushed me out of the house on time every morning.   As a result myself and my siblings were always at the top of our class.

My dad would come home to dinner every night and spend tons of time with us on the weekends while my mom got her break.  His “dad” chores which included, Mr. Fix-It of anything and everything broken and taking care of the cars and lawn kept him pretty busy outside of work.

A recent Ted Talk featured Sheryl Sandberg who spoke on the lack of women in corporate America’s top positions.  As she walks back and forth on the stage with ease in what seemed to be at least three inch heels  (my back started hurting just watching her), she delivers shocking statistics on the lack of women in leadership roles and what changes women can make for themselves to help alleviate the disparity.

Sandberg gave some great tips on how women can avoid making unconscious gender mistakes that keep them from climbing the corporate ladder and the video is definitely worth watching.   She goes on to say she is not being judgmental of those women who decide to stay in the home but later on in her message a statement she makes seems to conflict with that.  Urging women not to plan in advance for motherhood because their husbands don’t usually do it in preparation for fatherhood, may work for career advancement but where does it leave the children?

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