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Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED talk ever sold

Posted by lisaw88 on May 21, 2011

Morgan Spurlock seems more aggressive and a go-getter for selling his movie and brand. He put himself in dangerous and difficult situations and environments, sort of like the saying “been there, done that.” When he was able to go speak with the senior executives he would have enough experience and information to present to them.  

Although Spurlock was turned down by many companies, he did not lose his momentum. He realized that he had to cut out the middle man and go straight to the CEO’s and COO’s. Companies are always worried about their images (which they should be), but they should be open to go forth and take on a challenges that can increase/enhance their image and market their brand down other avenues.  One of the main benefits that Morgan had was that he was a man. Men do get turned down for opportunities, but they are more dominating and have the ability to continue until someone says “yes.” Whereas, some women tend to market themselves or company and once the door is closed, they walk away.

Although he was turned down several times, he was very interactive with his audience and “hands on” when trying to persuade them. He decided to hit the streets to get other outlets of feedback which is very beneficial because ultimately, society is the consumer. The key messages that I took away from this video is that opportunities come once in a lifetime and a lot of doors will be closed in your face but you keep on going until the right ones open. Also, “embrace fear, and take risk.” While taking risk may not always be at the top of the agenda, it is sometimes needed.

Watching this video was very motivational and it makes me wonder why some companies are afraid to take on business ventures that they know will help them.

Do you think that women and even some men should be more aggressive? In doing so, will that likely harm or hurt the person and/or company?

The ULTMATE QUESTION: What does it take to be in a position like Morgan Spurlock, to go out and have executives say “yes and open the door.”


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