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Risk it! Brand yourself – Use Morgan Spurlock’s speech for your life!

Posted by JC on May 21, 2011

Early 2011, Morgan did a TED talk ( sharing what he learned when he wanted to make a movie.  He pitched the movie to major advertising companies.  In the end of the speech, we learned that Ebay bought his movie, great story.  Now, let’s take this to social media and your internet world.  To learn to brand yourself in the world I would take a few highlights for Morgan in this speech.  I would definitely know the brand you are dealing with.  For example, when he visited Ban deodorant, U.S. skincare Marketing, the advertising people, did not know how to describe the product!  Big advertising mistake.  When he went to the street, the regular person, knew for the most part what their brand” was…this can be you to!!!  Morgan hired a company to find out what his brand was and he learned more on how he would market himself.  His message was to companies to take risks…and my message to you is to take chances in your own identity, trademark it, and put yourself out there through social media.  As Morgan stated, “Embrace fear.”   As the AU professor Jackie Titus, in my graduate Social Media class, shared with us “Its worth checking out.”


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