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“Supersize Me” Guy Makes the Ultimate Pitch

Posted by lazdinsa on May 21, 2011

On the menu for TED Talks in March was Morgan Spurlock, famed documentary film maker best know for his role in the 2004 flick “Supersize Me.” Today, Morgan dropped by to give a presentation titled “Embrace Transparency.” For me, what his presentation was really about was taking risks, being perseverant and getting stodgy company execs to think outside the box.

In delivering these messages, Morgan shared his experience pitching his latest movie, aptly named “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” For this movie, which spotlighted advertising and product placement in our society today, Morgan recounted his trials and tribulations signing on sponsors to pay for the entire film via company shout-outs and product placements.

Morgan has been in many tight spots throughout his career, ones that he describes as difficult and dangerous. From nearly pickling his liver during a 30-day diet of cheeseburgers and fries, to being a coal miner for a month, to reporting in war zones – Morgan’s seen and done more then most. What he wasn’t expecting was that this would become his most difficult challenge to date: embarking on the odyssey of getting sponsors to back his new movie.

What should have been a no-brainer for the ad execs he was pitching turned out to be anything but.

Strike-out after strike-out, it quickly became clear to Morgan that none of the big ad-execs were going to buy into his movie concept. So, he decided to go out and pound the pavement, scouring for leads.

On his journey, Morgan met up with a branding guru who, after a pain-staking analysis of Morgan’s “brand”, recommended a handful of companies he should be going after, who shared his unique brand of “Mindful/Playful.”

Of course, we all know how this one ends. The movie got its sponsors and ended up being a huge success with more than 900,000,000 media impressions before it even hit theaters! For the companies that got on-board, it turned out to be a great business movie. But, getting them to the table was no easy feat.


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