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The Greatest Brand You’ll Ever Sell: You

Posted by mccaul202 on May 21, 2011

Viewing Morgan Spurlock’s TED talk “Embracing Transparency” this afternoon in class my first thoughts were “This is Morgan Spurlock. The guy who did Super-Size me. The guy who puts himself in prolonged situations to see the effect it has on his life, and society as a whole. ” I recognized his voice, and was not surprised to find the 20 minute talk that followed both humorous and inspiring. Without thought, I had recognized the Morgan Spurlock brand.

Spurlock’s latest film, and the stepping stone for his TED talk is Pom Wonderful  Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.  Throughout the talk, he touches on many thought-provoking topics in the field of communications, marketing, and advertising but what was most interesting to me was his idea of how we recognize and represent  our own brands.

In a time where now, more than ever, you are represented to the world by what you do, say, post, comment on, view, and download on the web it could not be more important to think about your brand and the messages you put out.

I worry that the generations behind me don’t think about this enough. What footprint is your brand leaving? Will your brand be held against you when you are applying for a job 10 years from now? I think that some of these issues of transparency in our communication on the internet are some of the same transparency issues Spurlock touches on during his talk. What happens when you aren’t able to hide what you have done in the past, or the reasons you may have done it?

The point Spurlock makes in his talk is that we should demand transparency from brands when it comes to advertising, especially in certain social environments. To question what information we are consuming, and from who.  I think that this question is something that we all need to think about–in a world that has become more transparent than ever, what does your brand look like?



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