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Why women should keep their foot on the gas pedal…

Posted by taniapaiva on May 21, 2011

Women must push themselves to remain relevant in the workplace.  Women should follow three rules:

1 – Sit at the table

2 – Make their partner a real partner

3 – Don’t leave before you leave

By following these three rules, women will create the change needed in the workplace, where we see more women reach powerful positions and equalize the balance of power in work world.

Tackling the reality of the challenges still faced by women today in the workplace in her TED talk, Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook attributed the current state of women in the workforce to women systematically underestimating their potential and voluntarily dropping out of the competition.  

Guilt increasingly plagues women with families who choose to remain the workforce; furthermore, we women are brought up in a world where success has a positive connotation for men, but a negative connotation for women.  While men attribute success to themselves, women attribute their success to others, and systematically underestimate their potential.

Women do need to sit at the table and demand attention and recognition simply by the quality of their work, knowledge, and contribution to the growth of their organization.  We must choose to raise our voices and make our opinions and contributions known to our teams and find opportunities to shine through our work with the senior leadership at our organizations.  We must not be hesitant to engage, speak, contribute.  Yes – sit at the table but bring your A-game…

What are your thoughts on rule number one?  Should we sit at the table?  Will this help the overall problem, one person at a time?   Do you sit a the table?  How does it feel?

Please come back next week to learn more about rule number 2: make your partner a true partner.


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