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Can Twitter’s Influence Bring Back Wonder Woman?

Posted by dcprmantony12 on May 22, 2011

Like many American kids of a certain era, I grew up watching D.C. Comic characters on TV. Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and definitely Wonder Woman. Yes, I admit it, I didn’t miss too many episodes as a kid of the oh-so-beautiful Lynda Carter, when she was deflecting bullets with those shiny bracelets and looking like she never broke a sweat in those late 1970s TV episodes of Wonder Woman.

I actually paid attention (and got somewhat excited) when I heard recently  that NBC was considering bringing the show back with actress Adrianne Palicki as none other than the raven-haired heroine. My euphoria didn’t last too long. I just read a brief story about this in the Los Angeles Times that the pilot script that mega producer/director David E. Kelley wrote for this version of Wonder Woman got shot down. The LA Times article does make reference to Kelly’s attempts to overhaul the script and have the outfit he planned to have Palicki wear adjusted to meet NBC’s preferences.  Still no luck. Wonder Woman’s a no-go — for now.

I’m sharing this because apparently I’m not the only Wonder Woman fan. Twitter took flight on this one with many  people tweeting about how disappointed they were that the show is not coming back. We all know that Twitter has power and reach.  According to 2010 statistics, Twitters has 50 million accounts.  Despite the fact that only 21 percent of that 50 million are “true users” (who follow at least 10 people and have tweeted at least 10 times), I think if enough of them tweeted about bringing Wonder Woman back to TV, it would certainly catch the attention of NBC and perhaps change their minds.

It’s not impossible. One of the mentions  in Li and Bernoff’s book “Groundswell” talked about how New Line Cinema bowed to pressure from rabbit Internet fans of their movie project “Snakes on a Plane.” Blogs were created by fans who wanted New Line Cinema to insert a line in the movie (that I wont repeat here but you can find it on Page 8 in the book) for actor Samuel L. Jackson’s character to say, and guess what? They created enough “groundswell” that New Line Cinema eventually did what they ask.

I dont know if television works differently than the movies, but I bet if Twitter fans really wanted a modern-day version of this cheesy (and now iconic) 70s show to come back, we could certainly make it happen!

As a public communication professional, how would you develop a communications plan around influencing Twitter user/followers to help bring back Wonder Woman? (Maybe a whole plan isn’t needed, but I’d certainly welcome any comments you have about how to influence Tweeters in this direction.) … Have a great Sunday!!


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