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Arab Spring: An Interactive Infographic

Posted by mccaul202 on May 23, 2011

Given our recent presentation and discussion of infographics and their innovative ways of communicating information to audiences, I thought this interactive infographic, The Path of Protest was worth sharing.

This is the first time I have seen interactive elements such as the time line slider be incorporated into a visual like this. I really like that each icon along the time line represents a different event and photos and text with links to more info pop up to further describe what was happening at that time.

Has anyone ever used an infographic in their work? Any other good examples to share?

I hope to be working on one for my project (work) soon.



3 Responses to “Arab Spring: An Interactive Infographic”

  1. Now that’s very high tech and cool Madeline. I like it. Sadly, Pepco is very much behind the times when it comes to using a tool such as this one. I’ve made at note though to have an internal discussion about beefing up the way we present information. I think our customers, who are getting younger and younger as we get older, would be interested in our presentations showing infographics.

    We’re still in the MS PowerPoint phase but maybe by putting something like this on the discussion table, we can begin to move in the direction of infographics. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Thanks for posting Madeline! Infographics would be great to incorporate in my client presentations.

  3. Jackie said

    Madeline -this is definitely a sophisticated and impressive infographic.

    Tony- Don’t sell yourself short! Check the data first and see what kind of story you can tell. Would consumers be surprise at just how hard and expansive the team is at Pepco?


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