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You Have the Right to Remain Archived!

Posted by lisaw88 on May 25, 2011

How do you feel about your digital media outlets being archived in the Library of Congress and labeled as history in the making? Is it a violation of Cyber Security, or even against the law?

With celebrities constant use of twitter they had somewhat of an influence on their fans and many others within society to join these various social networks, specifically Twitter. However, there are some people who just joined out of curiosity or because it was the “thing” to-do.

Having your tweets archived, does it make you feel like you’ve done something wrong or almost like “you’re on the phone and you have someone listening and recording everything you say?”

I often think “if we have security settings to block out “crazy and unwanted viewers,” what’s the point of having that because you don’t know who is reading your tweets once it is archived through the Library of Congress.”

The idea of archiving came about because of the amount of statuses celebrities were posting on a daily basis and became interesting. According to the New York Times, there are 55 million messages posted a day by users while limited to only 140 characters.

Trending Topic…..

Twitter is much more convenient and easier for people to communicate because it’s simply a page with statuses and the uploading of pictures and the option of sending direct messages. Part of the reason the Library of Congress decided to archive all tweets because they want to embrace the “digital media” world, according to the New York Times. Also, they stated as the 211 year old “guardian of knowledge and cultural history,” all they had were books, magazines, and newspapers.

The Library of Congress felt like this was history in the making because not only do actors, actresses, and entertainers use twitter, but even politicians; such as, President Barak Obama. It’s embracing culture and history.

While Facebook is fun too and was launched before Twitter, it takes more time to update and use, from the status updates, to uploading pictures and videos, to playing games and buying electronic gifts for friends and using many more applications.

As Jackie mentioned in class on Saturday, once you make a post although you may delete it; technically, it is still in the cache. Therefore, the Library of Congress still has that post. Can that be dangerous or helpful? It can be helpful to those that are “cyber” bullied so the messages are retained but it can be dangerous because your post and messages can be used against you somewhere down the line.

Anything you say or do can and will be ARCHIEVED…


One Response to “You Have the Right to Remain Archived!”

  1. Madeline said

    You bring up a very good point Lisa. I was actually a little disbelieving when you mentioned this in class last week, but yes, it is indeed true! Hard to believe, but true. Just makes me think about all of the information that is put out in the “void” through Twitter each day and how many people are completely unaware of how what they say now could effect their future. I talked about this issue in my live blog post:

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