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How Distracted are You?

Posted by ayofemikirby on May 28, 2011

Hi folks,

I came across this social media study that was released this week proclaiming that on average, we are wasting $10,375 per year in productivity because workers are distracted by social media. Companies with more than 1,000 employees, are said to be loosing more than $10 million per year.  To be honest, I’m surprised it’s that low.

I know how much time I spend on social media per day, and not only because its a part of my job, but because I have developed the impulse to check my FB, Twitter and email even if I’d just checked in 20 minutes before. Honestly, it’s just procrastination and without a solid dose of discipline, these tools can become the bane of our existence and the death of our efficiency.

Here’s the link:

Now get back to work.


One Response to “How Distracted are You?”

  1. JC said

    Interestng article. Of course what have we learned about surveys…they are bais. I would have to dig deeper on the study, the article, and its intentions. First as a person in the communciations field…we use social media (SM) on a regular basis. As for the common man/woman and to research their ‘wasted’time on SM…well more research would be needed. Also, how much more ‘effective’ as a national and global society are we now with social media? My true bais is that technology is making our life easier, our humanity more effective…but it does not come “side-effect-free” all advancements (and set-backs) have reprocutions. So back to the original question..SM a waste? nope, that just someone upset becuase they were caught with their pants down, or a young kid beat them at a job, or some othe personal issue that needs to be found…ha.

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