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Caring Bridge: Social Networking During a Medical Crisis

Posted by lazdinsa on May 29, 2011

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a social networking site with you called Caring Bridge, which I discovered last year. Sadly, I learned about it from a good friend, whose father, Aivars, had just suffered a stroke and was functionally paralyzed on his left side.

Over the past year, my friend’s family has used the Caring Bridge social networking site to keep family and friends updated on Aivars’ progress from initial treatment to rehabilitation. At the same time, the site has served as a platform for people to express their empathy and support for the family, and to share encouraging words with Aivars on a daily basis. In all, Aivars’ Caring Bridge profile has received more than 3,000 visits and has hundreds of “wall posts” dating back from last October.

Amid social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, where people are posting updates about their favorite colors and what they ate for lunch, Caring Bridge feels like a breath of fresh air. It demonstrates the humanity of social networking and how it can have a truly meaningful impact on our society.


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