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To Catch a Thief…

Posted by ayofemikirby on June 1, 2011

Hi everyone,

I read about this blog from a friend’s tweet last night. Apparently a man stole a MacBook but the owner had Hidden installed and was able to watch his every move. Hidden is a security application that allows Mac owners to track down their laptops, and provides geographic information and photos of the culprit while he or she uses the computer.

After attempting to work with the cops by providing them all the information he had, due to a “lack of resources” they decided not to help him. So, he turned to social media. The Mac owner turned Hidden on and literally watched the thief use his MacBook like a pro. Then, he posted the images to Tumblr, a very popular photo-sharing blog site and began sharing his post with his online network.

Thanks to the power of social media and the attention the site received, the cops suddenly thought the case deserved attention and called the MacBook owner and let him know they would help. Within one hour, the guy was arrested and the owner’s MacBook was returned.

Here’s a link to the blog:

A few points to ponder:

1. The groundswell helped this guy get his computer back. The attention he was receiving online by telling his story, posting photos and sharing how the cops disregarded him even though he gave them the information he need, made him look good and the Oakland police look really bad. It was smart for them to respond, though they should have just helped him in the first place.

2. This thief is the ultimate fail.

3. You never know who’s watching you.


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