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No one is safe from hackers!

Posted by jabbar Alshuwaili on June 2, 2011

Two more cyber attacks, this time against Northrop Grumman Corp. and L-3 Communications Inc., have been reported; barely a week after an attack on Lockheed Martin Corp. caused the shutdown of some of its systems”.

Reading this piece of news this morning made me feel, somewhat, comfortable and alleviate some of the pains I felt due to blocking my online account. I realized there is no one is fortified against hackers whether simple individuals or huge companies.

My yahoo account subjected to phishing this week. This account was the only bridge between me and my old friends. It was the archive that carried all my correspondences with them in different places in the world for more than 5 years.

What happened confirms two facts; the first one is that the SM is as a double -edged sword, and the second is no one is safe from hackers whether he is unarmed like me or armed with the most sophisticated technology like the above mentioned big companies.



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