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On the Media checks in on the growth of Twitter

Posted by joellecostello on June 4, 2011

Here’s a story from NPR’s On the Media about how Twitter is transforming how users gather the news, monitor events, join communities, get famous, and monitor chatter about products.

Host Bob Garfield talks with NYT reporter David Carr about how he uses Twitter and how ‘news’ appears on Twitter immediately — before the traditional media can gather and disseminate it.  Examples include the earthquakes in Haiti, revolutions in Egypt.

He also talks with a few other people including a couple of guys who went viral at this year’s SXSW conference.

The question does come up about Twitter being able to capitalize on all of this buzz.

This is a great story if you have time to listen…or if you just want to browse the transcript, that’s good too.


One Response to “On the Media checks in on the growth of Twitter”

  1. Wow! You managed to find an interview that included the Air Force Haiti story, Jeff Pulver, AND Frederic Guarino (both of whom I know) 🙂 Well done! Really though, this story does hit on the importance of Twitter and news gathering that is occurring.

    Be sure to give some more analysis of what you read and how it relates to the class. Also, don’t forget to add links to what you write.


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