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Think Before You Tweet

Posted by szczcass on June 8, 2011

Today our class came full circle for me at my division wide work retreat. Our keynote speaker was an AU alum and social media guru who helped walk our staff through social media.

I wanted to share the three take aways I found most valuable.

The first:

Social Media is like a conference in Las Vegas. Sure you can learn a lot and make a ton of great connections…but the temptation is always there to party, take risks, and go crazy. Remember to keep a balance and that despite the saying, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. When it comes to social networks, what you put out there you can’t get back. Think before you tweet!

The second:

The number of followers and likes you have is not an effective way to measure your success. Having someone follow you or like your page doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you are sharing information with them and providing meaningful ways for them to engage.

The third:

Tweeting on a schedule is a terrible idea. Soon people will catch on that every Tuesday at 10:00am you share information on an upcoming event. Setting goals like “we will tweet three times a day” isn’t a good approach. Tweet when you have something worthwhile to share and remain an active participant in the conversation.


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