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WAMU mashes UP…and it’s awesome!

Posted by joellecostello on June 10, 2011

If you were a little perplexed by the whole Sulaimon Brown testimony to the D.C. Council thing earlier this week…you’re not alone.

WAMU 88.5’s Kojo Nnamdi Show produced a musical mashup for today’s Politics Hour (kudos to KNS producer Michael Martinez).

This totally made my day, it’s awesome…check it out on YouTube.

The DCist called it “Genius,” and well…I’m new to all of this so who am I to argue?

While it might not help make sense of this whole thing, it’s at least a fun time.

Happy Friday!

One Response to “WAMU mashes UP…and it’s awesome!”

  1. Hey Joelle, Thanks for sharing that. Unbelievable! I like the song. It’s just too bad it is attached to such a ridiculous use of public time.

    It does underscore the dysfunctional nature of the D.C. govt. though. I’m sure this video will live on long after all of the members of the D.C. Council and Brown are long gone!


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