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Does the Cyber-Playground Need to be Censored for Children?

Posted by doreenhodge on June 14, 2011

I read an article on the Today Show website which mentions, “The number of U.S. parents who would allow children 10-12 years old to have a Facebook or MySpace account has doubled in a year…”  I was surprised by this along with other statistics as I thought of the “adult” content I periodically come across on Facebook and MySpace.

Has the quickly rising trend of social media use among all ages caused us to become more lenient on what our children are exposed to?  We had the same issue with the internet overall, years ago but now the age of children engaged in cyberspace continues to decrease.

Right now most websites are user-screened and “un-fit” content can be reported to administrators.  I personally think it would be nearly impossible to completely censor social media and an attempt to do so would only cause a groundswell of the content it would seek to hamper.  I believe the only answer is for parents to keep as close an eye on what their children are doing as possible.


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