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Ingenious Use of Social Media to Get Your Next Job

Posted by dcprmantony12 on June 17, 2011

I use to be pretty old school when it came to finding a job. Searching for jobs, for me, use to be as simple as typing up a resume, sending it out, and waiting for the phone to ring.

Obviously, those days are long gone but I didn’t realize how much the world of finding a job has been greatly changed (some might even say improved) through the use of social media.

Check out some of the many ways that folks are “selling” themselves (or their skills) through social media. The story I saw on entitled, “7 Ingenious Resumes that will Make You Rethink” has certainly changed my perspective on all of the new and creative ways you can market yourself to prospective employers.

I actually like this resume style (SEE BELOW SAMPLE). It reminds me of some of our class assignments in which we are using fewer words and more links, graphs, and screen shots to tell stories.

Tell me what you think? Also, any suggestions as to if this style would be viewed in a positive or negative light in the public communication world?



One Response to “Ingenious Use of Social Media to Get Your Next Job”

  1. Wow!! That is cool. I just look at that and think that I am so screwed!! HAHA!!
    While that might be awesome for a 22 year old, it won’t work for a seasoned professional…now. But in the near future, who knows? I’ve seen news items about people making elaborate YouTube videos to supplement their college admissions and job applications…this could be the next big thing. We’re still in a down economy, so anything you can do to stand out to a prospective boss can only help. Employers love creativity and want to hire people with fresh ideas who think outside of the box and can further their organization.
    I think Social Media is going to be a BIG DEAL (I know it already is…I’m trying to catch up) in terms of what employers will be looking for. While the c-suite may not understand all the technology, they do understand that their customers want it and they want their employees to be innovative.

    Cool post Tony!

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