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Syrian Cyber Revolutionary

Posted by doreenhodge on June 17, 2011

I heard a story this morning on WAMU 88.5 FM during Morning Edition entitled, Syrian Activist Dodges Authorities On Streets.  It is a great example of how the internet and social networking has empowered the people.  A Syrian revolutionary, Mohammed Feezo continues to provide news and organize demonstrations from Turkey  through the freedom the internet provides.  It is difficult for the government to contain the  groundswell but there is a downside as well, “including the danger of forged documents being planted by the regime or their sites being infiltrated or hacked.”

Feezo says, “The government can affect it, by cutting the Internet. But in the end, the Internet is just a networking tool. It’s the people in the streets who make the difference.”  I do agree that it is the people that make the difference but through protests like the recent ones in Egypt it has been proven that the Internet does have a huge impact in that it can organize quickly and effectively.


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