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Posted by lisaw88 on June 18, 2011

A lot of grade school teachers and college professors are encouraging their students to GO GREEN and not use as much paper when turning in assignments, taking test and quizzes and even when they assign work (just like our Cohort!)

Not only does it save paper but it also allows everyone to effectively utilize digital media. I can remember when I was an undergrad and a lot of communication between the students and school occurred on-line (i.e. Facebook and the school website.) If there was something you wanted to know or ask, you would rely on the internet and their digital media outlets.

Although most professors prefer to e-mail etc., digital media seems to be the out-ruler of most communication that occurs on a daily basis (globally.) Sometimes when you communicate with people on-line and through text messaging, it is harder to translate what they are saying versus talking to them over the phone or in person. While digital media may be effective, easier, and quicker, I believe that in some form, it is cheating everyone from using their writing skills on pen and paper (the skills that we learned throughout grade school.) Was that a waste of time or was it really preparing us to use those skills via digital media?!? Today, the only time I can recall using pen and paper on is when I am taking notes and everything else is done on the computer. When writing, I see that my handwriting is much sloppy than it was a few years ago when I had to handwrite.

When people give presentations, they are usually done digitally. Imagine how much MORE time, money and trees would it would take if technology had not advanced. There would be posters of all sizes and paper everywhere. Personally, I think a lot of newspapers are wasting money because all of the papers they print that are not read.

Yes, digital media is very expensive but maybe it really saved us in the long run (time and paper.)

One Response to “Going GREEN”

  1. Great post Lisa!
    when I was in undergrad school there was no such thing as Facebook…and laptop computers were very expensive.
    Everything was on hard copy and we had to meet with professors face to face during their office hours. I didn’t have a computer of my own, I did my papers in the computer lab (wow!) and my room mate had a word processor! haha! good times. My whole scholastic life was on a hard disk.
    What I find as a student now is that I still prefer to take notes on paper. Even though I get ink all over my hand (I’m left handed and my hand follows my pen), I find that I can make sense of things that I doodle, underline, draw arrows to and circle.
    I totally understand your argument above, and I think that we may all be (to a certain extent) creatures of habit. We do things the way we became comfortable doing it. People can change though…I’ve moved a lot of my life online and by the end of this program I may be taking notes on my computer.

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