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Posted by sgreene68 on June 18, 2011

After all of my recent ranting and complaints about technology, this stuff just reaffirmed my love hate relationship with it, and lured me back in. Darn!!

In May, Apple Stores launched a new device called Smart Sign, to enable customers to create an interactive experience while learning about products in the store. Will, MY Genius, introduced me to it. (Ya know, not only is he MY Genius, he’s also my new BFF). Will showed me how Smart Signs work.

They’re mounted and presented so beautifully beside every-single-product in the store that upon first observation, I thought it was an iPad, or a fake sign that couldn’t actually work. Quite the contrary. Smart Signs enable users to tap demonstrations, read about products, and more importantly, they allow users to get a customer service agent at the touch of a button. It asks if you need someone to come to you. If you press yes, a sales person (oh, I meant support person) pops up to help you within a few seconds. How oddly great is that?

Could Smart Signs be smart signs of the future? Could it be that most stores will eventually use Smart Signs? I bet grocery and convenience stores thought customers would adopt self check-out a lot easier. In my case, I don’t trust myself or the darned machine enough to check myself out. It always takes much longer to check myself out than it does when I don’t. In the case of Apple’s Smart Signs, they look a lot like iPads. I doubt that this is a coincidence. Perhaps Apple’s true “Genius” is how they created a brand spankin new product that acts like it’s helping customers. But in reality, it’s helping customers buy more iPads after all!

Check out this video and let me know what you think. 16,167 people liked it. I wonder if you will too.

Some more stats, in case you’re curious:
Ratings: 82
Comments: 37
Favorites: 5
Likes: 40
Dislikes: 42

This video is most popular with:

Gender Age
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What do you think?


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