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Short, Sweet and to the Point!

Posted by lisaw88 on June 18, 2011

Why do we blog, text, e-mail, tweet (follow), post, Skype, Oovoo and friend people?  What purpose does it serve and what effect does it have on us?

While all of these geniuses created this technology, did you realize that we have to adapt quickly and its an ongoing process. It’s like having your first child, you have to learn and pick up parenting skills fast in order to keep up with the growth of your child. Like we discussed in class, it takes time to learn and understand how to use the various digital media applications and sites and even applications that are incorporated within those applications, it can be very overwhelming.

Yes, it convenient to communicate, but other than that answer, what do you think?

2 Responses to “Short, Sweet and to the Point!”

  1. I agree with you, Lisa.People every where need to put up with something new born called social media, the thing that many people around the world still have no idea how to use it or expolit it for their own benift.we still need alot of time and efforts to understand the SM well, and catch up with it since it is in a very fast sate of evolving.

  2. Doreen Hodge said

    It is a lot to keep up with and a competitive industry. This is just a testament to what makes for the most effective social media platforms. Millions of users flocked to Instagram because it was intuitive and an attractive service that added value to their lives. The most popular platforms do not make their users feel overwhelmed and they make sure they provide a way for users to share their experiences. Think about how you have learned about a social media site you do use. It was in the form of an invitation or because of a testimonial from someone else. Yes, there are tons of sites out there but the most effective ones will garner a loyal audience and will not make you feel like you are drowning in hashtags.

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