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Posted by szczcass on June 21, 2011

We spent a good chunk of time talking about hashtags this past Saturday. I think hashtags can be very functional and connect people in interesting ways and wanted to share an example of this.

Recently highlighted on Mashable,  #1book140 is essentially a twitter-based book club, sponsored by The Atlantic. Rather than meeting in coffee shops or the local library, a much wider audience is able to participate from the comfort of their home (smartphone, laptop, work, wherever it is you are tweeting at the moment!). Ok, perhaps its just the bookworm in me that thinks this is awesome, but I do think it is an innovative way to use Twitter hashtags.

Twitter fans voted and selected Margaret Atwoord’s The Blind Assassin for its first book. The best part? Atwood agreed to respond to questions readers sent along to #1b140_q (this demonstrates the importance of telling your audience what the official hashtag is!!). This is such a great way to connect the author to so many readers who might not be able to travel to an author event.

I will be eager to see what the next book choice is and just might participate!

Hopefully this sparks your creativity and gets you thinking about hashtags in some unique ways. They are certainly great for events and conferences. Just think – instead of walking around with a microphone, you could have your audience members submit questions to a panel via Twitter – and then live post the responses! Oh, technology…


One Response to “#BookClub”

  1. taniapaiva said

    Thanks for this post, Cassie! I think I am going to check it out. One of the things that has really struck me during this class is that…when it comes to social media — learning is REALLY an ongoing process! Lots of stuff to continuously learn and explore!

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