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Does the Data Prove the Point? I Can’t Tell. Can You?

Posted by dcprmantony12 on June 21, 2011

Things do change rapidly in the social media world.  My question is who is checking to see if the change is for the better?

This story about consumers spending more time using mobile apps than using the web just popped up on (now one of my favorite sites for all things social media).  The story concludes that based on their research findings mobile apps will pretty much kill using the web sooner than later.

There is a lot of good data in the story but no where (unless I completely missed read the story) does it tell me the demographic of the data’s origin. If consumers are spending more time using mobile apps than the web, then who are these consumers? Are they are work or at home? Certainly not me because I don’t even own a smart phone (I know a major dinosaur here) and have zero apps on my run-of-the-mill cell phone.

We all learned in our Research class that data isn’t perfect and can be flawed so I wonder, from a fact checking standpoint, how they can make this claim and not back it up with a clear explanation of how the research was conducted and with whom and of what age group.

This story forces me to make some assumptions such as they must have interviewed those who are under 30 or maybe surveyed people who self-identified as high-end “gadget users.” In any event, I don’t know any of that based on my read of the story. I would like to think that if you are going to give me some data, you are also going to tell me how you collected it.

If anyone disagrees with me here, feel free to weigh in.




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