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Checkin and Cash-in: Foursquare and AmEx Rewards Program

Posted by szczcass on June 23, 2011

Last class we spent some time talking about Foursquare and what are some of the motivators are for “checking-in.” While for some people being “mayor” of their local happy hour spot is the only incentive they need, others might need a bit more of a push. Thankfully, if you have an AmEx card, you can start reaping some more tangible benefits.

AmEx has partnered with Foursquare to establish a rewards-type program turning checkins into cash. Mashable helped explain how it will work: “Those who link their AmEx cards to Foursquare, check in to Sports Authority and spend $50 at the store, for instance, will receive a $20 reward on their AmEx accounts.”

I don’t have an AmEx card, and I’m not on Foursquare…but man, I kind of wish I had both!!! I certainly think this will help Foursquare become more widely used and will be interested to see what other credit card companies and stores establish similar programs (come on, Visa!).


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