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Last BUT not Least

Posted by lisaw88 on June 23, 2011

I was driving in the car today and on the radio, they advertised the 2011 BET music awards. The radio host said that we “the fans” would be able to tweet, Skype, and talk to the celebrities live at the pre-show and even periodically during the awards show. Who would have thought that in a million years, there would be two-way communications with celebrities and their fans (with the exception of writing and e-mailing fan mail.) On another note, I thought this was interesting because I watch the news every morning as I am getting ready for work and I even noticed that news broadcasters have laptops to reference their notes instead of lots of paper and less pens (and no coffee mugs.) They are able to easily look at their laptop and continue with the airing. Moreover, my suggestion for them would be to use an I-pad. It is more sleeker and professional than having a laptop on the television. It just goes to show that technology can and will outgrow us.

Also, digital media plays a major role when fans vote for celebrities to win various awards. For example, when fans vote for movies and music awards, the numbers do not just come from the box office or record sales anymore (although they do play a major part), they are based on online voting too. 

One main lesson that I have taken from this class is to embrace digital media. While one should be cautious because it can harm you (Anthony Weiner), make you look like a fool but still make money (Antoine Dodson) and even make you one the most successful and richest persons in the world (Mark Zuckerberg), it is apart of the everyday American life.


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