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Tweetable Treats

Posted by chadlymc on June 23, 2011 has got an article sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s that focuses on 16 different food trucks and how they use Twitter daily to spread the word about their location, menu items, specials and even offer advice on a range of topics. There are 16 pages to the article, one for each truck and each operator provides his or her perspective of how he/she uses social media to engage with their customers. The Mexicue truck even admits to changing the menu and food items based on customer feedback. The driver of the grilled cheese truck has been officially sited as the third most influential tweeter in LA on behind only the LA Times and LA weekly. This is some mouth watering food that’s very social media savvy. Check it out: .

I can’t even begin to describe the awesomeness of this phenomenon. Could you imagine if the Ice Cream Truck could have tweeted us its location every day in the Summer when we were younger? That would have rocked.

Note that each operator also talks about the importance of having your own unique Twitter personality.

I’m hungry now.


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