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Are you a Tweeter of the Old Style?

Posted by chadlymc on June 24, 2011

If you are, you best be movin’ on to the New Twitter rather rapidly. Checkout this article: .

It’s going to happen…..very, very soon. At least they’re giving you fair warning and have waited nine whole months for the full forced implementation. That’s better than Facebook who just randomly changed how my profile looked and acted one day WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME ABOUT IT! Can you tell I was just  LITTLE peeved at Facebook when the new profiles came out?

Twitter is giving you fair warning here, so you better comply and upgrade and get with the show people. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind, in the Old World and that’s not where you want to be. Plus, the new Twitter is absolutely fabulous, okay? Seriously, I LOVE it! It’s friendlier and easier to navigate and tweet and search and make cool designs with my profile background and yep, it’s really cool.

It’s the New Twitter people, and it’s a whole new world of tweeting. And we’re all gonna love it. How do you know if you will if you haven’t tried it? Trust me. I’m a picky SOB when it comes to my profiles and programs and how software works. I mean I was ready to hunt down that odiferous piece of cow dung (aka Bill Gates) and beat him to within an inch of his life when the new Office 2007 premiered and EVERYTHING WAS CHANGED. Now, I can’t even imagine how we functioned in the old version.

So get the new Twitter, and welcome to the new tweet. It’s hip and rad man!


One Response to “Are you a Tweeter of the Old Style?”

  1. JC said

    Too funny buddy…ask me in class about your last paragraph in this

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