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Geezers on Facebook? Why?

Posted by chadlymc on June 24, 2011

That’s right, it’s true, at least one-fifth of grandparents use social networks according to a study conducted by the website MyVouchercodes. I know, I know, I was never good with fractions either, how about percents then? 20% of grandparents are on social networks. 71% of these geezerly users are on Facebook, 34% on Twitter and, 9% on sites such ad LinkedIn. What’s the reason for all of this? Connecting to family and friends. In this age of social media, one can see and visit the grandkids on a more regular basis if one were to have a Facebook account. In fact, half of those surveyed said they signed up for Facebook because they were encouraged to do so by the younger generation of their family. The study also shows that these grandparents are active on the sites with 51% reporting that they log in once a week or more.

How will this trend change the social media landscape? Will ads for Depends suddenly begin to trend? Will I be doing this when I’m 60+ and retired?


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