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HOT NEWS! “Google (again) facing multiple government investigations”

Posted by JC on June 24, 2011

This just in…again…Google under investigation for government violations; this time for possibly using its monopoly in search advertising to halt its competition.  Article below.

So then I wonder, where do corporate ethics stand against each other?  Yes, we are a capitalistic society, have free enterprise, but where are good business ethics?  If this accusation is even true?   We discussed extensively in our graduate class about Corporate social responsiblity, but what about ‘playing nicely’ with each other? Does apply to the new Social media world? 

In my Social Media graduate education opinion, I believe there is a starndard that needs to followed by businesses, by people, and by any other entity.  It does come back and haunt you.  Message to Google: play nicely or you will be brought down Mr. Giant by the little people.  



2 Responses to “HOT NEWS! “Google (again) facing multiple government investigations””

  1. chadlymc said

    You haven’t heard about the Panda have you? The Panda is another way Google is controlling SEO and effectively, the world. Read all about it in my post from yesterday titled Have you been Panda’d?

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