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How does the world use social networks?

Posted by chadlymc on June 24, 2011

The Global Web Index has your answer which can also be found in this article. It’s an infographics profile chart and it digs into the different infographic profiles that exist in social networks in different countries all around the world. This information can be used by PR people like us and other marketing organizations to create the most appropriate social media content for a country or even a geographic area. Where are the joiners? How does the US pan out? Well, of the 114.5 million Americans (over 1/2 our population) who participate in social networks, 51% of those are messagers and mailers. 51% are also content sharers and 20% are joiners and creators of groups. This information is vitally important when creating social media communication plans for our clients. Knowing this we can create content that will most effectively reach our target audiences and keep them active about our brand.

As the Global Web Index and sites like Klout continue to grow and perform research, how much is too much? Is it appropriate that they know the type of underwear I purchase because I bought some from once? If it is relevant to them will physical stores eventually become a thing of the past? Will we ever need to leave our homes again? Think about it.


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