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Social Media Privacy Tool

Posted by doreenhodge on June 24, 2011

Have you “liked” your favorite businesses and products on Facebook?  If so you may not realize that by doing so you are allowing them to access all of the information on your profile.  When you agree to use applications you are leaving yourself open to have your profile open to strangers as well.  All of those games you played once or photo editing program you never really used before are ways for companies to learn more about you.  Even if you are not using the applications or playing the games once you have installed them the company still has access to everything in your profile.  I see many friends with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses listed.  And you wondered where all that SPAM and sales text messages came from.

Third-party developers have created tools which will help you keep an eye on the personal information you are sharing unknowingly.  Just Thursday, launched Social Monitor.  It is a web browser extension that monitors apps attached to your Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In accounts.

This blog on CNN Tech describes it in more detail.

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