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Promoted Tweets in my timeline?

Posted by chadlymc on June 24, 2011

Um, no. How about that? Okay Twitter.

That’s right, you heard me, I said no to you putting promoted tweets and their trends in my timeline. Read more about it here:

My timeline is already crowded enough that I don’t need your stinking promoted tweets showing up in it. Here’s an example of a social media outlet considering an idea that will do nothing but piss off its own users. At least on Facebook the ads are to the side and frankly, I don’t even see them anymore. Twitter is like that now, and it’s great. If I want to check out the promoted hashtag and its tweets, I can do so simply by clicking on the link that’s on my menu. That’s fine by me. Don’t force me to get an email and phone notification and whatever other notification will come simply because some company paid you millions of dollars to force your ad upon me. Just don’t do it. I don’t appreciate it and frankly I find it rude.

I do like the Groupon idea-again as long as the updates appear in the menu on the sidebar. I’m all about special deals and I’d like to know about them, I just don’t need them forced down my throat. Groupon deals on Twitter would be superbly fabulous though. Especially if it was a reduced rate on my cable bill or something.

Do you think putting promoted tweets in timelines will destroy a major social media platform?


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