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Who needs fashion magazines when there’s Haul Videos?

Posted by joellecostello on June 24, 2011

The word “haul” might bring up images of moving, or taking your old stuff to a donation center…or even the dump (are there still dumps?).

But for millions of fashion-conscious consumers, Haul Videos are the new thing in discovering what’s hot.  It’s basically a video showing someone’s “haul” from a shopping spree, and with 376,000 results on YouTube, the Haul is a big deal!

ABC News recently profiled a pair of sisters from Tennessee,  Elle and Blair Fowler who have cashed in on the haul and have already created a successful website of their own.

On their Wikipedia page — yes! they have a Wikipedia page — it gives their dates of birth: 1988 and 1993.

ABC News reports that:

What started out as a simple YouTube video about their shopping obsessions has grown into an empire for the sisters. Now living in Los Angeles, the Fowlers have started a website with an active blog and are writing a book together. They also have a partnership with YouTube and companies have started asking them to critique their products.

With millions of viewers watching her hauler videos on YouTube, McClelland said she has been able to turn her blog into a source of income for her family.

And the best part is that making a haul video is easy. “You turn on the camera, you say, ‘Hey everyone!'” Blair Fowler said. “And then you hold up the bag so they can see the store on the bag.”

Want to learn how to make a haul video? Elle and Blair Fowler offer their tips for creating the perfect haul video below.

Pull out each of the items, showing them one by one to the camera, and explain why you bought each one.

Don’t brag or boast.

Identify trends of the new season.

Offer versatility.

Look for bargains.

Don’t duplicate what you already have.

Show off your personal style.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

So there you have it.  In an effort to not waste any more of my time working for “the man,” I might check this out.  Stay tuned for Joelle’s Haul from her road trip to Wegmans, where she buys copious amounts of Bison chip dip and Sahlen’s hot dogs — only to later realize that she’s only one person and can’t possibly eat it all herself.  Again.  Will she ever learn?

Oh well.  Happy Hauling!


One Response to “Who needs fashion magazines when there’s Haul Videos?”

  1. chadlymc said


    Your video sounds oodles more interesting than one about what kind of clothes some girls bought at the store that day. I’d love to see it.

    Seriously people? Haul videos? I’m sorry but I missed the memo that made these two goddesses of fashion. I mean I really don’t think what they buy suits MY style anyway. Just sayin’.

    And Yes, Joelle there are still dumps. I mean my family does own one. Kind of. Well, it’s a transfer station, but people “dump” things there. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and all. You know what I mean.

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