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Twitter marries Photobucket to make Hallmark moments for you…will this marriage last? only time (and money) will make it work! haa!

Posted by JC on June 25, 2011

So as time goes on, competition continues, and new media grows up and…needs a partnership..finally finding a good partner, Photobucket.  Well here is an article that says Twitter has partnered with Photobucket….hm…will it work?

1. odds are in Twitter’s favor; why?  Two main reasons:

– since they own the platform, they can make using the photo tool very user friendly…a major pre-requisite

– Photobucket is huge and may be the only entity that can take on the workload of twitter

Yes, this appears to be a good marriage, both are powerful, both seem to tie the knot…but others will want in and rememeber when, in 5 years…Twitter or Photobucket marries up and out! LOL>


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