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Posted by sgreene68 on June 25, 2011

Last week my accountant called to tell me when he attempted to file my 2010 taxes electronically, they bounced back with a note from the IRS saying taxes had already been filed under that (MY) social security number. He’s a seasoned accountant who didn’t sound very concerned at first, because he had never seen or heard of a situation like this before. He calmly suggested that maybe I had already filed taxes somehow, or possibly my business had filed them under a different format.

NOT. I told him nothing had been filed at all. We went back and forth and triple checked to make sure he was using the correct social security #, rather than a typo. Oh how I wished it was a typo. Then I called the IRS. A rep confirmed that indeed someone had filed taxes under my name from another state. Several days of wasted time and stress later, I’ve purchased identity theft and credit protection, and filed reports with the police and all three credit bureaus.

The IRS’ investigation will take an average of 12 to 16 weeks to complete, before I can expect to receive my refund. It’s too early to know how much this has or will negatively affect my credit. I won’t go into details here, except to say that it already has. I was told that there is a way social security #s can be stolen by thefts who will use them to file taxes without knowing or even meeting the person…and they do it using software that functions on the Internet.

Hhhhmmm…what have we done to ourselves? To anyone who reads this, please take the same action I did (and wish I had done before), to purchase identity theft protection, and protect all of your accounts as much as you can.

Hopefully one day everything will be fine. But who knows in this world?


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