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Thanks to social media channels, barbaric acts of authoritarian regimes are being exposed

Posted by jabbar Alshuwaili on June 25, 2011

While traditional media outlets are paralyzed due to the ban imposed on them by the Syrian regime so as not to practice its role to cover the popular uprisings in the towns and cities in Syria, we see the social media, including the internet and mobile are still active as a result of the regime’s inability to squeeze them.

They have disclosed the brutal practices exercised by the security forces against unarmed people throughout the country. One of the images taken by a mobile and sent via internet to the media,  showing the ugly face and brutality of the security forces in Syria; SM demonstrate a number of them open fire at the body of an activist killed at the hand of these forces, and recently showed Syrian troops backed by tanks have stormed a small town near the Turkish border, burning houses and arresting dozens in their drive to crush the three month uprising.



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