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What’s the pricetag on a tweet?

Posted by ayofemikirby on June 25, 2011

So I’ve heard at various conferences that Twitter is still trying to figure out ways to make money. The platform may be valued at billions of dollars, but there is still no proven profit model for investors to make a dollar on their dollar. But lookout, because in the next few months we’ll all have “promoted” tweets in our Twitter timeline. These tweets will stay in your timeline, no matter how high or low you scroll and will come from companies, artists and whoever else can afford the price tag of a tweet.

According to Mashable, Twitter plans to make $100 million this year through promoted Tweets, which I assume will not be paid per click. I can not see myself or many of my Tweeps actually pay that much attention to a promoted tweet to click on it. The lure of Twitter is that you get bitesized information, and lots of it from multiple sources. Seeing a paid for Tweet deflects from the citizen/consumer driving conversation that is currently taking place.

I dont believe these Tweet ads will be super successful as I dont think Facebook Ads are either. The folks running these companies should know… Twitter and Facebook is about connecting us to each other, not to the companies trying to profit from it.


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