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Twitter Controversy Across The Pond

Posted by rubenmarinbach on July 31, 2012

Apparently the British don’t mess around when it comes to what they allow on Twitter. Especially when it comes to the pride and joy of England’s Olympic diving team, Tom Daley. Reports surfaced today that a 17 year old had been arrested in the UK today after a string of angry tweets directed at Daley, who failed to win a medal in his Olympic event. The teens tweets were hotly contested from the start, telling the 18-year old Daley that he “let his dad down” (Daley lost his father to cancer last year). The tweets then turned from apologetic to aggressive, and within a matter of hours, the user’s twitter handle was trending, and the insults began pouring in against him. Eventually, authorities decided enough was enough and arrested the 17 year old on charges of “suspicion of malicious communication” through Twitter, which is illegal in Great Britain.


The story got me thinking about internet law in America, and what would happen if this occurred in the United States. There have been countless similar situations across multiple social networks involving violence or verbal abuse towards public figures, and in my last post I described what YouTube is doing to combat “nasty” comments. But do you think that in America, something like this should be worthy of an arrest? As Americans, I consider us lucky to not have the strident internet restrictions that some other countries have. Where is the line drawn, however, between downright mean and illegal? Surely, some intent needs to be proven. It’s definitely not the last time we’ll see a story like this come out, but it sure shows how easy it is for a 17 year old kid who obviously wasn’t thinking clearly to mess up big time.

-Ruben Marinbach


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Can a Tweet Go too Far?

Posted by kap07 on July 31, 2012

The Olympics just started this past weekend.  I got to say, it’s a pretty exciting time rooting. Rooting for team  U.S.A. Hoping to get some gold. But, some can take the game a little too far.

A teen got upset at  Olympic diver, Tom Daley coming in fourth place on a diving contest and sounded off on Twitter. I can understand anyone using Twitter to sound off on a lose of a their favorite team or a athlete, but the teen took it to another level.  He made comments about Daley’s dad claiming the athlete “let his father down”( Daley’s dad died of a brain tumor in 2011) and also said he wanted to “drown Daley in a pool”.  Daley responded with disgust and the teen apology then reverted back to insulting Daley for not responding back.  Police got wind of this and arrested the teen.
It makes me think a lot about social media etiquette. We share our accomplishments, “I just graduated!”  or hard times, “ I have to go into the hospital today. Not fun” or when we are mad and can’t take it, “Worst service ever! Never going back there again!” With all that said, taking it to the point of threatening someone is something that on or off line is no laughing matter. A joke is a joke, but when it comes to a  stranger  threatening  someone’s life and going beyond that of being maliciously disrespectful of another’s life, come now…. I hope we all know better, but some don’t. Moral of all this: use your head and life is so much more meaningful  than getting mad and threaten an athlete on the web.

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Maximize Your Google Searches Using These Easy Tips & Tricks

Posted by AlanaR on July 31, 2012

Google has transformed our ability to quickly gather information by simply typing in a word or phrase, clicking “search,” and vuala—a mecca of information appears! However, I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated when the information we’re actually looking for doesn’t show up. We want more reliable sources, better quality, and less BS links we have to click on to get there! Well, today my friends, I am going to share with you a few helpful tips to maximize your Google searches:

1.   You can search for a specific type of file by placing “filetype:__” in front of your search. For example, “filetype:ppt social media trends”

2.  Placing a tilde symbol (~) before a word will tell Google to give results with similar terms. For example, “How to clean a ~dog in the sink” will produce results for puppy, doggy, etc.

3.  You can search for similar websites by typing “related: (website url).” For example, to find a website that’s similar to, you would search “related:”

4.  To specify that your search results come from a specific website you can put “site: (url) search term.” For example, if you want to find a cupcake recipe from all you would search “site: cupcakes”

5.  By placing a minus sign before a search term, you can designate that you do not want pages that contain that word

6.  To search for terms that are in a website’s title you can put “intitle:” before your search term. For example, “intitle: iPhone5”

To find more tips and tricks for mastering your google searches, you can visit

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Posted by nbalkhjav on July 31, 2012

Five years ago when I started blogging for the first time, I had no idea how to build an audience. I’d just write and hope someone would read… Time has changed, and now there are many ways to gain attention using social media. I think that our guest speaker Alex gave us pretty good tips on how to blog, how often to blog, and how to reach out to potential readers. featured an interesting article on building audience for blogs. The ten tips the writer suggested seemed definitely useful. For example, tip #8 suggests bloggers to join blogger groups on Facebook. Apparently there are many active groups on Facebook that are good resources for any blogging issues bloggers might encounter.

Lastly, check out my blog 🙂

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The New Twitter API Rules: Twitter and LinkedIn

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 31, 2012

We briefly talked about the new twitter API rules in class this evening. I’ve heard about it before, but paid little attention to what actually changed. Twitter tightened its API rules on June 29th 2012 and its first round of change was related to LinkedIn. Twitter had three-year agreement with LinkedIn that allowed tweets to auto-publish to LinkedIn. Now, Twitter users’ tweets can no longer automatically get published on their LinkedIn pages. Users who want to publish on both websites simultaneously will have to publish on LinkedIn, and then use the sharing tools on there to send updates to Twitter. Although it is more complicated and involves more stages, it will save many people from unnecessary problems while job-hunting.

Twitter representative Michael Sippey said that the company is tightening its API rules with the partners to give Twitter users a “consistent Twitter experience.” For the most updated API Rules, go to


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Celebrity Gossip: Tweet gone wrong…

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 31, 2012

Yet another example of public figures using their twitter handle to show that they’re completely out -of-touch with the rest of the universe. These people need to realize that twitter is a highly sophisticated tool for communicating with the rest of the world 140 characters at a time (and that the crazy thoughts people have in their head should stay in their head, not on their twitter walls).

Country superstar Blake Shelton is the next celebrity with bad judgment when it comes to tweeting (For those who don’t know who Blake Shelton is, he is one of the VOICE judges). In fact, Shelton is quite famous for his drunk and incomprehensible tweets. Some say he has dark humor and some (me included) just think he doesn’t think twice before ‘tweeting’ out loud. This time around though, he took his twitter-mania too far. He sent the following tweet: “Does anyone know if the Eastern Box turtle is protected in Oklahoma? If so I didn’t just swerve to the shoulder of the road to smash one…”

Not surprisingly, people responded with absolute outrage. Some showed concern for the poor turtle, while others buried Shelton with angry tweets. NPR blogger Barbara J. King replied to Shelton’s tweet by asking him if it was a bad joke, “That turtle’s life meant something- was your tweet a bad joke? Why would you be so cruel to a living being?” Shelton replied with the simple “Shut up…”

The real twitter war began after this remark. Many angry tweets were sent to Shelton’s way (some of which he responded to). Twitter user @turtlefeed, who sent number of tweets discussing Shelton’s cruelty toward animals, got the most attention from Shelton. Shelton replied, “Hey @turtlefeed. Before u make an even bigger dipshit of urself you should research on how much money i have raised to feed homeless animals,” and later adding, “Hey @turtlefeed.. I solely have raised over a million dollars in animal rescue/conservation alone… How much have you raised? Oh. Ok. Next!”

After marathon of back and forth tweets, he finally admitted that he was just joking. “The best part of all of this is that the dumb asses didn’t even look to see that I’m not even in Oklahoma today!! I’m in North Dakota!! Do they even have turtles in North Dakota?!!! God almighty!!! What’s wrong with people?! Get a life!! Get a job!! Get laid!! For once!!!” He then also added, “For the last time I didn’t hit a turtle! I haven’t seen a turtle! So please all you turtle freaks go back to eating your boogers!! It’s ok.”

Shelton was much criticized for his mad joke and the way he responded to people’s tweets. He was forced to apologize. And this is what he tweeted: “Ok… Now that “Turtle-Gate” is over I want to apologize for my ignorant joke.. I never ran over a turtle. It wasn’t even possible.”  

Wow, when are you people going to understand the power of Twitter? I bet another celebrity just tweeted something outrageous as I type this blog post… 

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Can Social Media Keep TV Shows Alive?

Posted by Nadia Amika on July 30, 2012

MTV implemented a “Storytelling Without Borders” strategy with social media game The Hunt to run parallel to the popular Teen Wolf show. Teen Wolf fans were active in the game and 81% were weekly visitors. The popularity of the game and the show’s ratings “definitely played a role” in the show’s renewal for a third season, said MTV.

SocialSamba a storytelling platform was responsible for creating the Teen Wolf social TV game along with social TV games for USA Network show’s HashTag Killer for dramedy Psych and Suits Recruits for legal drama Suits.

With the popularity of social media, TV shows can benefit from a good social media strategy along with their show. Advertisers are also finding a way to get in on the social media games and MTV believes that it is possible to include non-obtrusive ads into the next iteration of The Hunt.

It will be interesting to see how social media might shape the TV watching experience. Do you think social media could replace commercial advertising slots?

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Social media keep your computer safe, or not?

Posted by madelines on July 30, 2012

Recently, a report indicated that, even though the users feel comparatively safe to surf social networking sites compared to other unknown sites, social networking sites are increasingly used to launch malware attacks in India. Naik, the Managing Director serves in Symantec, said,” Due to social engineering techniques and the viral nature of social networks, it’s much easier for threats to spread from one person to the next.” Naik also mentioned that 50% of the cyber attacks targeted small and medium-sized business organisation in 2011.

So be careful, when you follow your friends to download a file on social networking sites, the seemingly innocuous action might give a chance for harkers into your computer and make you as a target.


Social networking sites eyed by hackers in India: Report

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Today,who sells the book?

Posted by madelines on July 30, 2012

imageHere is a good example on today’s social media and apps boosting the sales of a book. Last Monday, the novel “Cloud Atlas” , written by David Mitchell’s, was ranked 2,509 on But on Friday, it became the No.7 on the best seller list. The surge, according to a Wall Street Journal article, was due to a trailer of the novel’s film version posted on Apple website on Thursday, combined the power of social media. Currently, “Cloud Atlas” has 227,000 paperback copies in the U.S.

Jane von Mehren, publisher of trade paperbacks for the Random House Publishing Group, said, “Almost as soon as the trailer went up, we saw chatter on Twitter and sales on Amazon really jumped.”

What’s matter in this case is how fast the trailer sparked the wide interest on this book. If before, it would take people at least one month to spread out the information interpersonally or via the third-party ink. But today, a trailer of an upcoming film can make a book become popular in just one day.


Social Media Power a Novel, The Wall Street Journal

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Sharing is more fun with pictures and videos

Posted by ki6866a on July 30, 2012

ImageWith the over flow of information online people are increasing the use of photos and videos to enhance their interactions online and enhance their social engagement.

According to an article in Mashable, Socialcam is working to streamline mobile video sharing. The application allows users to film and customize videos that can then be uploaded to the different social media networks. Unlike other mobile recording application, Socialcam allows users to record videos longer than 15 seconds, add filters to fit their theme, and add music all integrated seamlessly into an easy to use application.

Socialcam continues to grow with more than 54 Million monthly users and an engineering team determined to make it easier for users to share their videos wherever they are. Anyone with a smart phone can now produce a video of good quality. The application is even being used by reports on the go while in the field.


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