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We all know how…

Posted by krisforinger on July 9, 2012

We all know how important social media was during the last presidential election, and how well the Obama campaign managed their sites. However, some are saying that this year Twitter could make or break the election results in Pennsylvania. It is just amazing to me that a social media site could really have enough impact as to swing voters one way or another. The campaigns must think it really can because apparently they have a strategy laid out for not only the state but each precinct!

This article also reminded me of Groundswell that we just finished. Now more than ever these campaign teams are going to not only be using social media well, but be coming up with new and innovative ways to engage their supporters and influence those on the fence. I think this is definitely and area where the GOP failed to keep up with the strategy if the Democrats in 2008. It will be interesting to see what they come up with in the next few months.

Do you think social media will be as big a factor this election year as it was in 2008?


One Response to “We all know how…”

  1. lmauti said

    The most ironic part of this article is that PA is one of the oldest states in the country….I’m from Pittsburgh and let me tell you that going to vote is like going to a retirement community. This story will be really interesting to watch play out based upon the demographics of the state alone. I wonder what the registered voter skew and history of voters looks like by age. That would really thicken the plot.

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