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The First Social Games

Posted by jmillili on July 10, 2012

The constant introduction of advanced technological innovations continues to transform the way people communicate, interact and connect with each other every day. With the 2012 Olympics rapidly approaching, there is no doubt that social media will play a major role in the communication and broadcast of the Games.  Dubbed the “first social Games,” social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are expected to foster the global sports conversation in a way that encourages viewer participation worldwide. Fans can now follow their favorite athletes, engage with sports enthusiasts and connect with users on an international level.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, by the time the Games begin this summer there will be approximately 2.3 billion Internet users globally compared to the 1.5 billion users in 2008.  In the four year grace period between the last summer Games, social media has undeniably accelerated at an astounding pace and continues to do so as new digital technologies and social trends are introduced daily.


One Response to “The First Social Games”

  1. alprosp said

    This is an excellent topic, and one that I personally find fascinating. It’s true that the use of social media is only growing, and it’s growing to the point that social networks are a common place expectation for major events and and companies.

    I looked into this a bit more today and wrote this blog entry on it: “When is enough, enough – a look at London transportation’s social media strategy.” It’s not just the Games that are taking to social media to communicate with fans, tourists, and Londoners, but it’s London itself.

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