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Bullying Gone Wild

Posted by lmauti on July 11, 2012

Yes, I may sound old when I say this, but remember when bullying just meant spit balls and signs being taped on your back?  I do.  While it still had the same aftermath, it wasn’t captured and shared for all to see.  While the negative side of social media and bullying has been a hot topic recently, the swell of support for a bus aide who was bullied is absolutely amazing.

It’s still news and the support for her is still growing.  In fact, a website was created to help buy her a vacation.  It raised over $680k in just 11 days.  I’d say she can take a lot more than a vacation.  The point being, this was a new side for bullying on the internet.  And I think a good case study for cases in the future.  The kids who took the video and posted it have charges against them and the country came together to protect a grandmother from the harassment of young boys.

While I don’t think that online bullying is going to have a shift for the better in the near future, I think this is a snapshot of how quickly things can spread and be accomplished when things go wrong.


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