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Monitoring the Mentions

Posted by jmillili on July 12, 2012

The ability to monitor and measure the impact of an organization through a multitude of analytic tools is not only a powerful way to gauge success, it has also become a necessity. As we discussed in class, there are several useful tools purposed to monitor success and measure analytics, however, choosing which one to use with so many available options can be difficult.

Social Mention is a free analytic tool that allows for the simultaneous search of multiple social media outlets in real time. Using this tool to see who is talking about your brand, when they are talking about it and where it is being discussed can be particularly helpful, not to mention a good starting point.

Social mention is unique in that it calculates the social mentions via four components: Sentiment, strength, passion and reach. It is through these filters that users are able to quickly gauge how people are feeling about a particular topic, who is talking about it, the frequency and likelihood with which an issue is being discussed and the range of influence based on the unique authors for any given topic. To give you an idea of how the platform works, below is a screenshot after a search for Target, the popular retail chain store, was made on Social Mention.


2 Responses to “Monitoring the Mentions”

  1. wonghyhelen said

    It looks like a good tool for the social media monitoring assignment.

    • jmillili said

      Yep, it’s definitely useful if you want to get a quick snapshot of what is being said on the different media platforms! Although not conclusive, it is a good starting point, but I would suggest checking out the individual social sites to get a better feel of how an organization or product is being received by the public.

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