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Start Ning-ing

Posted by lmyette on July 12, 2012

Ning closed its website in 2010, but is now reemerging with new features. Serving as a platform mainly for businesses and professionals, Ning is a “social network network.” Users are able to create a network to drive traffic and generate buzz about their product or brand and provide people a place to collaborate and discuss a topic.

Linkin Park has created a page on Ning for their fans. The band is able to post updates, share music, videos, and whatever else they would like with fans and give the fans a chance to get to know the band on a more personal level. In addition, Linkin Park can run analytics to see who their most dedicated fans are, can determine if they want their page to remain public or private by inviting specific people to view the content, or create an app for their page.

Ning is opening a door of possibilities for the public, and it will be interesting to see who will start to use it and how. Providing resources for best practices of the website, I wonder if Ning be more successful this time around?

For a quick introduction to Ning, watch this video.


One Response to “Start Ning-ing”

  1. lmauti said

    We tried this a few years back when Ning first ventured out for our families and the biggest complaint was having to join one more network…even back then and also that Ning isn’t mainstream, so sadly the trust wasn’t there for non-techies. So we just created private groups within Facebook, which made the groups see significant growth.

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