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Broadcasting v. Narrowcasting

Posted by lmyette on July 13, 2012

With the number of social media platforms rapidly increasing and more people joining everyday, some brands think that the best way to reach their public is through Facebook, Twitter, and the like. In reality, “84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened,” as explained in Mashable’s article The Power of Text Message Marketing [Infographic].

By broadcasting the message, companies are overlooking the audience who is really interested in their product and will most likely purchase. Through narrowcasting, companies are able to send text messages to their consumer, which has a 98% open rate.

Mogreet, a company who focuses on mobile marketing, created the infographic Is Bigger Always Better? that compares broadcasting and narrowcasting and how effective they are.

Looking at the infographic that Mogreet created, I agree that narrowcasting is much better than broadcasting. Although I have Facebook and Twitter on my phone, which I take with me everywhere, I send and receive numerous text messages daily and check those more than my social networks. In addition, I can avoid looking at an advertisement when I’m on a website, but when a text message comes in, I read it to see who it’s from. Through narrowcasting, companies are able to reach their market.


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