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Clipping Instead of Pinning

Posted by wonghyhelen on July 14, 2012

Clipix is a new tool that allows users to clip the images they see online. However, unlike Pinterest, the tool is more like a bookmark to help users organize their images and files such as PDF files, Word, and Excel documents. Also, users can set their clipboards as public, private, and even share (which allows users and their friends to clip collaboratively).

Founded in February, 2012, Clipix now has about 45,000 users and is also available on smartphones. One of its cool functions is that users can just name the items instead of clipping the real images to the board like this:


Another great function is to allow users to build their wish list by taking pictures of their favorite products or scanning the product barcodes with their smartphones. They can also set the “price drop alerts” for the products on their wish list and will receive an e-mail notification when the products reach their preferred price.

As we receive so much information every day, Clipix is indeed a useful tool to organize the interesting and useful things we see. Also, the price drop alerts can probably save us time to monitor the price of our favorite products.


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