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Mob Wives and Social media

Posted by ki6866a on July 15, 2012


I read an article last week about the Mob Wives, a VH1 realty show about the daughters and wives of the Mafia families. It follows their daily lives that revolve around screaming and fighting. Although I was never intrigued by the show and horrified by their actions, the show does seem to have a large dedicated following. The main character Angela “Big Ang” Raiola has even been signed to do her own show on VH1.
To promote the launch, VH1 decided to paint murals of Big Ang in 5 different cities. Since the promotion department was connected to the different social media platforms they noticed that the murals were receiving a lot of hits on Instigram. People wanted to know where they can find them. VH1 then created five Foursquare locations showing the location of the murals. They also asked their fans to take pictures with the murals and post them on their twitter feed (@VH1), Instigram and Tumbler in the hopes of being posted on the VH1 blog.
If the promoters of the show were not tapped into the groundswell they would have missed out on a great and cheap opportunity to promote the new show. They instead managed to get people excited about the upcoming premier by listening and acting.


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