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Light Bracelets That MAGNIFY Concert Experience

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 16, 2012

Coldplay concert

Coldplay recently visited the nation’s capital and put on quite a show for the Washingtonians. I have talked to many of the concertgoers, and noticed the same trend in all of their Coldplay concert tales. They didn’t talk a lot about the actual music, but rather showed a lot of enthusiasm regarding the “concert experience”. What made Coldplay concert experience more appealing to public than let’s say Death Cab for Cutie’s?

It was the light bracelets. People were absolutely mesmerized by the sight when the audience started creating light effects that filled the concert hall. The already timed neon bracelets shine in unison to bring the fans into the show.

Xylobands is the company that makes these unique bracelets. Although the company is relatively new to the market, but it already snagged a good deal with the Coldplay tour, which brings in enthusiasts like me to their webpage to know more about this brand. The company is actively involved in big stadium and arena shows as well as distributing bracelets to businesses. The bracelets are made to carry the clients brand name and message for promotion purposes.

Xylobands’ web presence is unmistakable. They have an interactive website that includes all information about the product and their service. The Google search result directs straight to the company main website even with the key words like Coldplay Light Bracelets. The company is also on two of the biggest social networking websites, Twitter and Facebook although the accounts are relatively new. Youtube features hundreds of videos featuring the bracelets. Xylobands uses these videos as free advertisement by posting them on their social networking pages.

Experience the Coldplay concert here,


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